Syncing Google Calendar with a mobile device

With Google’s Gmail being the standard for web based email, the question always comes out about syncing its contacts and calendars to desktop software, and of course mobile devices like the iPhone or BlackBerry.

Google has a help page dedicated to just that, syncing iPhone and iPod Touch to Mail, Contacts and Calendars. . 

Of course there are a ton of help files to help BlackBerry users sync up calendars and contacts.

Android, Nokia, Windows, Motorola and Sony Ericsson users, check out mobile help for your walkthoughs on setting up Google services on your devices.

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March 1st 2009 What to Read

Mobati rounds it up with a few interesting posts from this weekend.

Mac OS7 on the iPhone
Someone thought it would be fun to load up Apple’s ancient OS7 onto none other than the iPhone.  So what can run on it? MacPaint, Calculator and MacDraw.

Twitter has a secret business model
Despite what everyone thinks, Twitter really does have a business model. A VC at investor Spark Capital know exactly how they will make cash, and its obvious.

Marissa Mayer is not leaving Google
Despite rumours, Google employee #20 is around for a while, and she has assured the other top dogs as well.

Creating the perfect portfolio
SmashingMagazine runs down 10 steps to creating that perfect online portfolio website.

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Happy 2009 Mobati readers!!

Happy New Year Mobati readers, and all the best to you and yours in this wonderful new year.

Now, hopefully we can continue to pump out some new and interesting content this year. Our main focus of course, new and interesting online applications, with a little mobile goodness thrown in for good mention… and a few interesting twists as well. 

Stay tuned.

Thanks for checking in with

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Google Roundup - December 21st 2008

Google posts for the fourth week of December 2008

Standard good business sense is what Google’s new Canadian CFO Patrick Pichette has on his mind. Will revenues battle out the current state of the economy and change in the upcoming year?

Google Search by Style. Google opens up a quicker approach to searching images, by style. Search by photo content, clip art or style. 

Google Docs from your desktop. Forget about firing up a breowser to open one of the Google Docs you are ready to reference or work on. Google has a Gadget for Desktop that displays them conviently right on your desktop. Oh! And it has drag and drop functionality as well!

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Gmail adds Tasks

Google Labs has launched a much needed feature for their popular web based email service, Gmail Tasks.

Users have been asking for it for a long time. So gone are the times integrating Remember the Milk with greasemonkeys, Tasks are built right in.

To activate Gmail’s new Task feature, head to the Settings tab, and click on Labs. Enable Gmail Tasks and start your new life.

Gmail Tasks can be initiated in a few different ways. 

  1. Head to the “Tasks” navigation in the menu bar and type away.
  2. Select multiple emails and turn them into Tasks, select emails > more actions > add to tasks
Thank you Google. Now please make Gmail Tasks sync to our BlackBerry.

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